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Differences between the Cold Storage Rack and Normal Warehouse Rack Design
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Cold storage shelves and warehouse shelves design is the same, the only difference is in an unfamiliar word, common warehouse shelves in the design of the production without special requirement, but the cold storage of materials and antirust coating has certain requirements, this also is in the design and the biggest difference between the ordinary warehouse shelves. 
Cold storage shelves usually adopts the top shelf, the so-called three-dimensional shelf, and warehouse shelves that is not true, even on the basis of automation, cold storage cost is very high, average temperature 16 degrees below zero, so the heat preservation function of the warehouse and the rationality of the design of shelf is critical, warehouse shelves can reduce the cost of electricity, which can increase and improve the efficiency of access inventory would reduce the cost. 
Cold storage shelves in the aspect of material selection, although Q235 should also enough, but had better choose small stress, toughness good materials, as far as possible close to the theoretical properties of Q235. On the shelves of the surface treatment, with the double protection, antirust and frozen layer, on the industry currently has provided the special plastic powder, as long as the quality is good. 
Cold storage is, after all, a long-term application, high investment returns must have a good shelf quality, so we must carefully, when the design but the design of the warehouse shelves must have a long term consideration, let customers rest assured we the best design. 
Cold storage use cooling facilities create suitable humidity and temperature conditions of the warehouse. Also known as the cold storage. Is a place for processing and storage products. Can get rid of the influence of climate, extend the storage period of various products, to adjust the market supply. 
Cold storage is made of artificial refrigeration method for fixed space at the specified temperature facilitate the storage structure of the item. Cold storage can be widely used in food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical plants, fruit and vegetable storage, eggs, warehouses, hotels, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, Banks, troops, laboratory, etc. Cold storage is used for food, dairy products, meat, aquatic products, poultry, fruit, cold drinks, flowers, green plant, tea, medicine, chemical raw materials, electronic instrument, such as constant temperature storage. 

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