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simulation research in the process of the punching hole shape deformity
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Cold bending forming is one of the direction of product development is constantly to meet various application requirements, achieve a variety of functions in the product. Electric control cabinet post profiles, shelves, profiles and so on all need in advance to complete before the forming punch. Due to the hole spacing and hole geometry demand is high, does not allow large deformation occurring in the process of bending, so pre punching hole shape distortion simulation and control measures is very important. 
To pre punching sheet metal as an example, through field experiments controlled pre punching hole shape distortion in the process of sheet metal cold bending forming new method, analyzes the mechanism of hole shape distortion, and the experimental results are summarized. At the same time using the computer simulation software to simulate the machining process, and will be the result of field experiment and computer simulation results are compared. 
Figure according to the craft, the simulation results, with clouds and curve shows the material cross section deformation degree, in order to further understand the deformation rule of rolling process laid a solid foundation. 
By comparing simulation results of different mould, discusses the different mold on the material stress and strain in the process of the punching area, got the optimal model is suitable for the experiment. 
Through to the processing of sheet metal after the condition of stress and strain analysis of cross section, found the main reasons for hole shape distortion defects: sheet metal hole shape distortion of the causes are: materials of the punching area on the edge of the molding process will appear a lot of stress increment, the equivalent stress of punching area gradually increases during the machining process, the strain accumulation. Plate produced in the process of the punching parts forming Angle of the lateral horizontal displacement. Performance on the pre punching edge creates a larger displacement and strain, and then produce the hole shape distortion, when the degree of strain accumulation exceeds the limit, the strength of the material will tear. 
Based on the simulation to get the optimal solution, modified the roller type process diagram, and the experiment was carried out. Experimental results show that the simulation results can be used as the basis for mold design, and is very effective to avoid the hole shape distortion. 

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