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Shelf quality run after the European and American developed country level
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Shelf industry is an emerging industry in China. The early reform and opening up, our country each year about 3000000 tons of steel production is the implementation of national policies to save steel. Since the late 80 s, shelves are widely used in the field of China. With the steady development of national economy and the rapid development of the iron and steel industry, the shelves of government industrial policy, from the "save" change is "fair use", from "restrictions and reasonable use" to "develop the shelves industry", the national industrial policy guidance and support, the industry has been widely attention on the shelf, and rapid development, the shelves of major projects, signature project has widespread application and development, according to an unprecedented prosperity. Many high-rise buildings, industrial buildings, municipal facilities, gymnasium, exhibition hall, and numerous public facilities construction. 
About the warehouse structure system, the 21st century is the century. Company is engaged in the shelf product design, manufacture, installation, since light aircraft, both ordinary industrial workshop, to adapt to the development of China's economic development on the shelf, through constant technological innovation, industrial upgrading, formed a heavy shelves, heavy shelves, warehouse shelves series special development, mutual promotion and complementary characteristics, management mode, is all kinds of heavy shelves, shelves in the industry construction in our country on top of the bookshelf, manufacture and installation of backbone enterprises, is China's shelves and strong brand advantage industry production, scientific research and innovation base. 

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