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"Made-In-China" in Storage Rack Industry
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Shelves, should not strange for us, as it of industrial products, has a higher than other similar products. We all know that Chinese medicine has a long history, and have the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has a shelf - the vanquish a small cabinet, it is also a shelf in China. Shelves as an industry can be traced back to the last century the nineties. Germany and Hong Kong companies in the late eighty s and early eighty s focused on shanghai-nanjing line set up storage equipment company, the main production warehouse shelves, investors increasingly see the shelf industry development prospects in China. Then the Swiss company establish a shelf company in Shanghai, shelf production technology in domestic has been developed. With the shelves of the local production technology gradually perfect, in order to save costs, more and more foreign companies chose to purchase local shelves, the shelves of our country industry produced accordingly. 
So in daily life, our common supermarket shelves is used to put the goods shelves, and home to place the cabinet of the goods, so that said, the use of the shelves are very common. 
We can according to the functional areas are divided into: supermarket shelves, storage shelves, the shelves of furniture. Then again into points, can have a lot of kinds, is not explained here. Which, with the rising of land price, make more use of the storage shelves, for improving the storage capacity, is becoming more and more high to the requirement of storage shelves, how to use existing space to realize the maximum of storage, become each in the trade of storage shelves manufacturing enterprise common goal. 
In China, Shanghai, nanjing because of its origin as the shelves, prompting them to become the fastest shelf industry development in China, and walk in front of the area. With the rapid growth of domestic economy, the demand of shelf is becoming more and more big, especially in southern China, as the fastest economic development areas, constantly attracts a large number of investors to the investment, this has prompted the development of the shelf in the region. God horse shelf was born in 2001, after 10 years of development, and successively from huizhou to dongguan, is not the first industry, but also be one of the fastest growing shelves r &d and production enterprises. In southern China like god horse shelf companies, there are several, they each have a survival skills, also is the main product we used to say. 
Domestic mineral resources is abundant, the achievement the shelf price directly, it is also due to the advantage of price, attracted a large number of foreign customers, it also makes us have a wider world of manufacturing in China. We have reasons to believe that, with the constant improvement of the national all aspects of quality, and cultivate a large number of high-level technical personnel, coupled with the natural advantage of our country, group after group of made in China, will be all over the world. 

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