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Item:Medium Duty Rack



Color:Orange;light grey; Blue;White

Origin:Nanjing, China

Structure:Assembled Structure



Function:Goods storage

Product details

Medium Duty Rack

Medium Duty Rack is a butterfly hole shelf locking hole structure, with easy installation, no strength,
to put pressure on the goods produced natural fixed features to adjust the pitch 50MM storey main
and auxiliary frame unlimited connections, increase the firmness of the shelf saving investment. L
ink the use of P-type pipe, increasing the shelf robustness and security.


1. Column of steel special profiles, butterfly hole (dovetail well) on the beam and Kits reasonable
plug, make dis-assembly easier, butterfly hole to 50mm as a unit, the height can be adjusted up
and down any connection. Laminates are cold-rolled steel, laminates following formula can be
spot-rolled super-type ribs to single bearing can 150-500KG.

2. Shelf unit length is usually no more than 2m, width of not more than 1m, height generally less than
3m. If the shelf unit length less than 2m, layer contained less than 500kg.

3. Wide butterfly hole shelf applications, not only can do warehouse storage use can also be used
at the mall display. Demand for warehouse size can be customized according to the user the right
shelf, we have a professional program designer

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