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Item:Pallet Rack



Color:Orange;light grey; Blue;White

Origin:Nanjing, China

Structure:Assembled Structure



Function:Goods storage

Product details

Pallet Rack
Pallet Racking, also called Heavy Duty Racking, is not only subject to storing various goods in small quantity,
but storing uniform commodities in large quantity as well. It works with forklift or stacker. Generally, there are
2 types of Pallet Racking, one is traditional aisle(3000mm) racking; another is narrow aisle(1700mm) racking.
Narrow Aisle Racking should work with special forklift.

1. Taking use of cold-rolled steel uprights to improve the load capacity
2. Height of beams can be adjusted by 75mm pitch
3. Assembled frame structure with safety facilities; easily assembled and disassembled; conveniently
maintained and spare parts changed
4. Surface treated by epoxy powder coating with high corrosion resistance
5. It can be worked with pallet supports, back stoppers; panels; upright protectors; frame guards and back
nets according to requirements.
The load capacity of uprights differs from the change of the height between the first level beams and ground.
When the height is more than 2000mm, the back bracings should be fixed between the uprights and the wall
bracings fixed between single-row rackings and wall. Generally, the upright is 2.0mm; 2.3mm; 2.5mm and
3.0mm thick. 3-posts structure may be used when the depth of frame is more than 1200mm.

Suitable Pallets

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