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Item:Gravity Rack



Color:Orange;light grey; Blue;White

Origin:Nanjing, China

Structure:Assembled Structure and Welded Structure



Function:Goods storage

Product details

Feature of Gravity Rack

1. Using roller rail system or pallets with roller and the influence of gravity,first in and first out principle for the goods is implemented.
2. Used for storing a large quantity of goods of the same kind.
3. Ensures the full space utilization.

Advantages of gravity rack:

1. Full space utilization, Save your space 60% compared to normal rackings
2. Efficient, Enhance the efficiency of  logistics operation, save your time .
3. Economical, By saving your space and enhance efficiency , the Gravity Pallet Racking can help you callback your investment in two years .
4. Need few forklifts        
Gravity Pallet Rack help you further reduce your cost because you do not need as many forklifts as while using other normal heavy duty racks  
5. Convenient                      
Easy to operate ,no necessary need for regular  maintenance  ,durable and reliable
6. Safe                                
Absolute safe, protect goods from destructed . Most suited for vulnerable goods
Applying of gravity racking .
Widely used in Food Industry ,Medical Industry ,Drink Industry ,Chemical Industry and so on
Structures of Warehouse Gravity racking .

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