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Item:Drive-in Rack



Color:Orange;light grey; Blue;White

Origin:Nanjing, China

Structure:Assembled Structure



Function:Goods storage

Product details

Drive-in Racking
Drive-in Racking takes pallet access mode and is subject to fewer-variety and large volume cargo storage. The forklift is needed to enter into Drive-in Racking to load and unload pallets. Generally, the depth of one-side drive-in racking is no more than 7 pallet deep. According to requirements, guide rails can be fixed to improve the truck running speed. Comparing with Pallet Racking, the utilization rate of warehouse space for drive-in racking can be increased by 30%. Drive-in Racking widely used in cold storage, food and tobacco industry.

1. High-rate space utilization; almost twice higher more than that of Pallet Racking
2. Usually storing less-variety and large-quantity goods, and less demanding on the goods picking
3. Drive-in Rack is less stable in structure, so the height cannot be too high(in 10m); and the unit pallet weight is not more than 1500kgs.
4. First-in-Last-out; it is suitable for forklift operation
Drive in Racking Structure

Suitable Pallets

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